South Slope CrossFit – CrossFit


GP Warmup

2 rounds:

–10 PVC/Banded/broomstick pass-thrus

–10 around the worlds

–5 tempo snow angels

2 rounds:

–10 frog squat

–10 lateral lunge/cossack squats

–10 sots lift

1-2 rounds:

with an empty barbell,

–5 snatch sweeps

–5 pocket high pull

–5 muscle snatch from pocket

–5 overhead squats

–5 drop snatch/snatch balance


Snatch Complex

Perform 12 total complexes, starting light and adding weight every 2 complexes

High Hang + Hang Below The Knee + From Floor + OH Squat

*rest 1:00 between each complex
Record Heaviest Set

*if no barbell, perform with a KB or DB, doing 12 complexes per side. Add weight if possible

*perform complex on right side, immediately followed by complex on left side, then rest

*if limited bumpers/weight, make jumps every 4 reps instead of every 2

Pre-WOD Warmup

**Do both parts of this warmup if you did not also complete the snatch assignment 🙂

–10 starfish/scorpion

–2 inchworm+cobra+down dog w/ foot pedal

–10 box step ups+ 10 box jumps


complete at a light/moderate pace:

–6 alternating DB/KB snatch

–2 burpee box jump over

–6 goblet squat/squat jump

–2 burpee box jump over

*build to WOD weight if necessary/applicable


Metcon (Time)

With a partner, alternating rounds

12 Rounds (6 each)

12 Alternating DB/KB Snatch

12 Goblet Squat @ Snatch weight

6 Burpee Box Jump Over/Object Jump Over
*pick a weight that allows for fast unbroken sets